Located in the suburbs of Mexico City the residential project focuses on the thermal and visual comfort of the users. The 8x15m plot has a prevailing south-north orientation with a slightly 20° east inclination, which according to the thermal simulations performed in EnergyPlus provide an annual percentage of 90% in comfortable conditions. The spaces were designed to maximize the views towards the Madin Dam.

Winter Solstice Sun Path

Annual Daylight Assesment performed in Honeybee for Grasshopper show adequate levels of illuminance in all living spaces. It also suggests the risk of glare in the living room during certain periods of the year, blinds and shutters are designed to provide visual comfort in this space.


The design explores the off-grid lifestyle proposing a Reverse Osmosis water system, Active Carbon filters and use of Photovoltaic Panels. Additionally, orchard design and compost system are suggested in the roof garden to promote a sustainable lifestyle that encompasses the house technologies.