Natural ventilation is when the air is supplied by wind, which occurs naturally. It replaces the unwanted hot air in a space with cool air from outside. Supplying fresh air in buildings is essential, as it ensures thermal comfort by passive means. Providing an adequate amount of fresh air for occupant health is necessary, as moisture and pollutants are removed from the spaces. When used efficiently, it can substitute a substantial portion of the building’s energy for cooling.

Studio Resilia offers sustainable, energy efficient, as well as cost-effective solutions via
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations for buildings and provides the features below:


  • An optimum design achieved by the simulations with conditions having fluctuating airflow velocities, temperatures and relative humidity.
  • Potential for thermal comfort and natural ventilation
  • Homogeneous ventilation and temperature distribution in spaces
  • Airflow optimization
  • The impact of the buildings’ facade design enhancing the indoor heat gain factors
  •  Adequate amount of fresh air for the wellbeing of occupants
  • Reducing the time and budget for the design development during the pre-design phase
  • The impact of the building in the surrounding outdoor spaces